Established in 1992, Leather Links was founded as a part of Synthetic Leather revolution in Indian market. The idea – to offer high quality PVC Leather in India was to compliment the growing use of leather products at much affordable prices. This endeavour helped in the modernisation and growth of the Indian PVC Leather industry, which now holds a strong position in the world. LEATHER LINKS today is recognised as a leader and most preferred end to end solution provider across the value chain of Technical Textiles in India.

Since its inception, Leather Links has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering choicest products and services throughout the spectrum of Technical Textile Industry. LEATHER LINKS ’s businesses encompasses Raw Material, Machinery and Technological assistance in setting up the most complex turn key projects.

Leather Links is respected for its values-based operations and builds deep relationships with all its customers. The group is also deeply committed to societal well-being and has been working on achieving social goals through its businesses.

Leather Links is determined to build-up and facilitate expertise in diverse fields. With our extensive network of business partners in European Union, Korea, Japan, China, India and Taiwan, we are well placed to understand and meeting the ever changing demands from our customers.

Our Global sourcing, supply chain and marketing network brings a unique level of assurance that You’ll experience commitments that are met on-time, with high quality & greater efficiency of deliverables and excellent responsiveness to ensure smooth functioning of your business.

Leather Links’s business operations at a glance: