Standard Hot Melt PUR Laminating Machine, PUR Lamination Machine

Standard Hot Melt PUR Laminating Machine, PUR Lamination Machine

What is PUR?

The PUR features are excellent adhesion, can laminate 99.9% fabrics, it is non-toxic and environmental ,the laminated fabrics’adhesion and flexibility are very good, the fabrics are high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance to fracture, moisture not easily affected by the temperature after reaction, flexible durable, wear-resisting, oil resistant, anti-aging.

It is replacing traditional solvent and water-based rubber joint, besides PUR has excellent mist effectiveness, low precipitation material and neutral color features, it can be applied to must repeat disinfection of medical products.

Our hot melt laminating machine is mainly consisted of fabric rewinding and unwinding units, fabric and film transmission systems and tension controller, film unwinding and lining or film carrier rewinding device, hot melt glue melting unit (optional), pump(optional), conduction oil source system (optional), glue dot transfer unit, laminating device, cooling device, PLC and other devices. It is compact, highly automatic and easy to maintain.

Laminating Materials:

  1. Fabric + fabric:textiles, jersey, fleece, Nylon, Velvet, Terry cloth, Suede,etc.
  2. Fabric + films, such as PU film, TPU film, PE film, PVC film, PTFE film,etc.
  3. Fabric+ Leather/Artificial Leather,etc.
  4. Fabric + Nonwoven
  5. Diving fabric
  6. Sponge/ Foam.
  7. Plastics
  8. EVA+PVC

Widely Used In:

  1. Textiles and Garments Industry
  2. Medical Products Industry
  3. Bags and Luggage Industry
  4. Packaging Industry
  5. Footwear Industry
  6. Decoration Industry
  7. Auto interior decoration Industry

Appliccation and Features of hot melt fabric laminating machine:

  1. Applied for gluing and laminating of hot melt glue onto textiles, fabric and nonwoven materials.
  2. Hot melt glue makes possible environmental friendly products and realizes no pollution during the whole process of lamination.
  3. It's of good adhesive property,flexibility,thermostability,non-cracking property at low temperature.
  4. Controlled by Programmable Logic Controller system with touch screen and modular designed structure, this machine can be easily and simply operated.
  5. Famous brand motors and inverters can be installed for stable machine performance
  6. Non-tension unwinding unit makes laminated materials smooth and flat, guaranteeing good bonding effect.
  7. Fabric and film openers also makes materials feed smoothly and flatly.
  8. For 4-way stretch fabrics, special fabric transmission belt can be installed on the laminating machine.
  9. Impregnability of temperature after PUR,lasting elasticity,wear-resistance,oil resistance and anti oxidation.
  10. Less glue consumption, Low maintenance cost and less running noise.
  11. When it is applied in lamination of functional waterproof moisture permeable films such as PTFE,PE and TPU, more materials which are waterproofing and insulated, waterproof and protective and oil-water filtering will even be invented.

Standard tecknical parameters of fabric laminaring machine(customizable):

Model: KT-PUR-1800
Maximum Material Width: 1600mm
Machine Roller Width: 1800mm
Gluing Amount: 5-80g/m2
Machine speed: 10-60m/min
Power: 55.0KW
Electric Current and Voltage: Customizable
Net Weight: 6500KGS
Dimension: 11800 x 2900 x 3600mm


Inner Package: Protective Film, etc

Outside Package:

Standard plywood case
Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in export container;
English version operation manual and technical data;
One-Year-Period wear parts;
Tool kit

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