Latest Leather Fabric Bronzing Machine

Latest Leather Fabric Bronzing Machine

Application & Features

  • The bronzing machine is suitable for bronzing, printing of fabric, plastic-skin, PU, PVC, cotton-hemp, silk, knitting etc. or colour changing of fabric, leather, PU, etc. It is widly used in garment industry, home decoration industry, sofa fabric, etc.

  • Circulating air system of the oven is used.

  • Blade rack can be multiaspect adjusted, and swing around: effectively protect blade and engraved roller and guarantees good stamping/bronzing effect.

  • Pneumatic heating press unit (conducting oil heating roller and gel roller): larger contact surface, good transferring effect, solid lamination, easy and convenient operation and energy saving.

  • Convenient and synchronous operation, energy conservation.

  • Winding device is designed in the front and at the back of the machine, it is easy to operate.

  • Other features can be customizable.

Main Structure

  • Unwinding: expansion center winding, manual tension control, maintain stable And equip with two other unwinding frame, easy to operate.
  • Bronzing printing device: composed by gear case transmission device, bronzing frame, scraper device, slurry tank.
    • Gear transmission device: from frequency conversion motor device, though chain wheel drive power to gear case. Drive smoothly, easy maintenance, noiseless
    • Bronzing frame: main frame adopt wallboard structure, work smoothly without vibration, beautiful.
    • Adjustable guide metrical frame: all use stainless steel rollers, and the feeding place at an adjustable tension and flatness.
    • Scraper device: scraper could use 0.2mm stainless steel cutter blade, good flexibility, can print in the roll directly, and maintain a certain pressure, moreover the relative motion between scraper and roller. Special worm can adjust impress angle.
    • Slurry tank: worm wheel, gear, rack device, can move the slurry tank up and down according to the amount of the size.
  • Oven: square structure, install the guiding roll in arc, adjust the guiding roll according to your needs. Use electric hot air for drying, heat recycling, fast, energy conservation, and uniformity heated.
  • Heat transfer device: Φ200cylinder pressure at both ends, heat pressing Φ420 heating conducting oil roll and Φ360 rubber roller, can heat transfer the figure on the membrane or paper to the fabric.
  • Duplex winding device: two rollers friction winding (according to your needs can use constant tension center winding).

Main Technical Parameters

Width(standard) 1600~3500mm
Heating roller diameter 420mm, about 180 degrees
Gel roller diameter 360mm
Power 40~120kw+7.8kw
Speed 10~40m/min
Estimated Machine Weight 4000~8000kg

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