Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Conveyor Belt Cutting Machine


  1. Mainly used for die cutting fabric, foam, sponge, plastic, leather, rubber, EVA, PVC, cardboard, paper products, vacuum forming trays, home textiles, packaging materials, non woven, carpet, car cushion, felt, synthetic materials, and other non-metallic materials in various industries;

  2. Hydraulic die cutting press is suitable for both materials in roll and in sheet.

Usage & Features:

  1. Hydraulic Cutting Machine is applicable to continuous and large-batch cutting of nonmetal materials such as fabric leather, carpet, rubber, film, foam and cloth etc. in large-scale factories by die cutter.
  2. Use PLC computer touch screen to control procedures, servo motor driver conveying system, insure feeding accurate range, with stable running speed.
  3. Can work in fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual mode;
  4. Main machine is controlled by four-column guiding, double-crank balancing, four-column blocking fine adjustment mechanism and hydraulic control system, which can guarantee the speed and accuracy of die cutting machine.
  5. The central automatic lubrication system can guarantee the machine precision and enhance machine durability
  6. The input and output of materials are conveyed on the conveying belt, and the die cutting of materials is also automatically completed on the conveying belt.
  7. The unwinding system can be designed based on customer's requirement. Automatic feeding flat bed table supports materials in sheet, and roll unwinding system supports materials in roll;
  8. The device with cutting board and fixed mold to make the operation more convenient.
  9. Hydraulic beam cutting press of special specifications can be customized. 

Main Technical Data(Customizable):

Model XCLP4  
Maximum cutting force 150T 200T
Cutting area 1600*1000mm 1750/1600*1000mm
Motor power 5.5KW 11KW
Tension Distance 25-135mm 25-135mm
Machine weight 9500kg 11500kg


Inner Package: Protective Film, etc

Outside Package: Plywood Case

  • Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in plywood case or export container;

  • English version operation manual and technical data;

  • One-Year-Period wear parts;

  • Tool kit

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