Automatic Flame Laminating Machine, Lamination Machine

Automatic Flame Laminating Machine, Lamination Machine


To laminate foam with woven or non woven fabrics, knitted, natural or synthetic fabrics, velvet, plush, polar fleece, corduroy, leathter, synthetic leather, PVC, etc.


  1. Automotive industry ( car interiors, car seats)
  2. Furniture industry ( office chairs, sofas, babies items, stuffings)
  3. Footwear industry
  4. Garment industry
  5. Household cleaning products -PU-fibre scourers
  6. Heat insulation - sound absorption, etc.

Working Process

  1. Flame lamination is a process that adheres material to one side of the fire retardant foam or EVA.
  2. Pass the foam or EVA over a flame produced by a flare roller, creating a thin layer of sticky stuff on the surface of one side of the foam or EVA.
  3. Then, quickly press the material against the sticky stuff of the foam or EVA.


  1. Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquefied Gas.
  2. The water cooling system well enhances the lamination effect.
  3. The air exhaust diaphragm will exhaust the odor.
  4. Fabric spreading device is installed to make the laminated material smooth and neat.
  5. The strength of the bonding depends on the material and the foam or EVA selected and the processing conditions.
  6. With high integrity and long term adhesive durability, the laminated materials touch well and is dry washable.
  7. Edge tracker, tensionless fabric unwinding device, stamping device, material accumulators and other auxiliary equipment can be optionally installed.

General Specs (Customized)

Width of fabric 1600mm,1800mm,2000mm according to customers' requirement
Machine Roller Surface 2000mm,2200mm,2400mm according to customers' requirement
Machine Speed 20-50m per min
Burner Brand Domestic Brand, South Korean Brand or Germany Brand
Cooling System Circulating cooling water
Voltage 220v, 380v, Customizable


Inner Package: Protective Film, etc


Outside Package: Standard Export Container


  • Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in export container;

  • English version operation manual and technical data;

  • One-Year-Period wear parts;

  • Tool kit




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